Why does my PK Score change after a workout?

@YoBigShawn1 writes:

Hey Ed, it's Shawn! So before I ended my workout my PK Score showed I had a P score of 81. Then I ended the workout and the P score that got posted was a 77. Why is that? 

Also, don't know if this is related but my real-time effort score during the workout read 101 a couple times during the workout. 


Hey Shawn, let me explain what you experienced in this workout. As you may know, PK Fitness builds a customized effort model unique to every user. We use this model to calculate your real-time effort score as you workout. This effort score is recorded over the entire workout which forms your P score (the average effort). The effort model is adaptive which means it learns from every workout. As a user completes workouts, the effort model adapts and becomes increasingly more accurate with every workout. 

What you experienced with this particular workout is your personalized effort model becoming smarter. During your workout, you were able to hit efforts of above 100 which means that the maximal effort in your model is higher in practice than it was previously thought by the model. After your workout, your effort model adapted based on what it learned from this workout and adjusted your effort model accordingly. 

During the workout, your average effort for the workout (your P score) was 81. After your effort model adjusted (becoming more accurate to your true capability), the average effort for that workout was 77. 

In the current version of PK Fitness, it can be a bit mysterious as why the PK score is changing which you clearly point out in your question here. Right now, the effort model only changes at the end of the workout which is what caused the inconsistent numbers. Future versions of the app will have the effort model learning during the workout which will provide better consistency between what you see during the workout and the PK Score after the workout is saved.

By the way, great workout!


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