PK welcomes "The Training Camp Fitness" crew

We're excited  to welcome the members of The Training Camp Fitness to PK Fitness! 

Founded by Joaquin and Maressa Regalado in 2013, The Training Camp Fitness is home to a fun and committed group of fitness enthusiasts.  The Training Camp Fitness is strength and conditioning facility that focuses on small class size with quality coaching and personal training. Their tagline speaks volumes of their focus, “FITNESS+NUTRITION+COMMUNITY is our passion”.


Here's the email that went out to their members tonight. 

From: The Training Camp Fitness <>
Date: February 3, 2016 at 11:15:57 AM PST
To: The Training Camp Fitness <>
Subject: New Technology Beginning 2016
Hi Everyone,

We wanted to announce that we will be adding value to our memberships in the next 60 days. We're super excited to provide this service to our members as we know it'll benefit your fitness goals exponentially. 

Please visit the link below and become familiar with PK FITNESS.


It's a program that will help us track your heart rate, work effort, and calorie count all within the hour you give us and even on your off days should you go on hikes, walks, runs. This app is FREE and ran on cellular not wifi which is super cool. As of now it is only compatible with iPhones (they are working on getting Droid onboard). Keep eyes peeled you'll be noticing this feature is being used by Bob Harper and tons of boutique facilities like ours around So Cal. 

This ALSO benefits our Applied Exercise Science interns as Bryan Clay the founder of this app is in need of students to study the results and is open to upgrading app as it grows. Bryan Clay is working hand in hand with TTCF to ensure that we have the best knowledge and utilization of app to it's fullest potential.

Please do the following if this interests you: Visit the site above and click on SHOP SENSORS  begin browsing for a sensor that best fits your budget. 

We will be putting up TV Monitor so we can begin utilizing the cool perks of this app. 


Your Fearless Leaders



We're super excited to be working with Joaquin, Maressa, staff and members at The Training Camp Fitness. Special thanks to our early PK Fitness testers at The Training Camp Fitness, @vivianmcmahon, @lharriton, @chrystajag1 and @karen :) for your continued use and feedback!

PK Fitness