APU Fall Fitness Challenge- Week #8

Greetings APU Challengers, 

What an amazing Week #8, and Week #9 is flying by! We are almost there, this is the end. We just want to say fantastic job to each and every one of you. Remember, this is it, this is your last chance to be entered into the drawing for all of those fantastic Grand prizes! So let's get out there, and give it our heart and soul. 

Congratulations to Jonathan Tavenner (@jtavenner) for completing the challenge in Week #8, and being selected from all of those who also completed the challenge this week, to win the Ninja Blender! We hope that you enjoy your winnings! 

We look forward to giving out so many more prizes this next week! 

Jon and his Ninja Blender! 

Jon and his Ninja Blender! 


Week #8 Recap 

What an incredible Week to be an APU Challenger! We accomplished so much this past week and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you! As we're nearing the end of the challenge, it only seems that workouts are getting bigger and better! 


We had a lot of challengers get out there and vote this past week! What a great job representing your country! Props to @pomonafarmer, @melissavogt, @jhughes, and @ChristianBrazo- and all of the others who contributed. 

@DHarmeyer had a wonderful shout out to his dad on Veteran's day. What a wonderful day to remember. Us at PK want to say a thank you to all of those who have served alongside Dave's dad, for our country. 

@healthymfb, and @cmcgill showing their fall festivity. What a cool festival for the Pilgrims, and confused fall-decorated Christmas tree. Don't forget to get out there and appreciate the fall season. 


Some absolutely beautiful nature scenes were shared by so many of you this week. Just a few of our favorites came from @EmilyBelsey, @sarahlochelt, @jdfujimoto, and @mm8key! 


Those crazy bikers are still at it! @tomhunt and @CoryJustus at the Tour de Foothills (looks so fun!), and @jdfujimoto with a beautiful shot of her bike. 

We got some more kids out there and moving this week! We love seeing exercise bring family together. @KarenSingsHi, and @Zack representing this week! 

Finally, rounding out the week, we had an incredible workout from @Kfranks, hitting an effort score of 100! Great effort!! 

Incredible work this week everyone. The end is so near, which also means Grand prizes are right around the corner! Let's make this last week count! 


PK Tip: If you are having troubles with your monitor, make sure your battery is charged. You may begin to start having issues with your sensor if the battery is running out of juice. If you are having connection issues with a device that has an unchargeable battery, like a chest strap, consider investing a few dollars in a new battery. If you are using a chest strap, to make sure you get the longest life out of your battery, unclip the sensor from the strap in between use. 


As Always, 

Stay fit, 


Bryan Clay