Dr. J's Physical Activity Pyramid

My Physical Activity Pyramid is a guide for participating in a balanced and healthy program of regular physical activity. Each level of the pyramid provides important benefits for improving your health and fitness. For the greatest benefits, set a long-term goal of participating in activities from every level.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Design your activity program based on your personal goals and interests.
  • Start with enjoyable activities that fit easily within your daily routine.
  • It’s okay to start with cutting down on sedentary activity or fitting in a few lifestyle activities.
  • When you’re ready, make sure to add in aerobic and strength exercise several days each week.
  •  If you already exercise, think about how you spend the rest of your day.
    • Are there ways you can cut-down on your sedentary time or add in more opportunities for lifestyle physical activity?
  • Include enjoyable recreational activities and sports in your plan.
    • Make sure to enjoy your fitness − you’ve earned it!
  • Remember to balance your physical activity with healthy eating to reach your weight management goals.


Jody Wilkinson is a physician and exercise physiologist and is on faculty in APU’s Applied Exercise Science program. You can reach Jody at wwilkinson@apu.edu.