APU Fall Fitness Challenge- Week #5

Greetings APU Challengers! 

Weekly Prize Winner #5- Paul Saville

With Week #5 in the dust, week #6 is flying by! If you haven't started working towards the weekly goals it is time to start moving!! APU, you are doing an amazing job, and I am so proud of each and every one of you for putting your best effort out there. 


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #5 

Congratulations to Paul Saville (@psaville) for finishing the challenge this past week, and for being selected from all those who also completed the challenge to win the Rodan & Fields basket. 



Week #5 in Review 

We are loving some of the creativity and incredible adventure that we get to share alongside you in your fitness journeys! You guys are sure up to some crazy things out there. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

First off @tonygjessing, starting off the week hot with an insane 709 minute workout, and @CoryJustus with a crazy 328 minute workout! Keep an eye on these guys- they're posting some impressive cycling workouts! 

@dpeck0404 and @dreenapeck with big smiles, live from the Alamo!

We had some beautiful Hawaii hikes posted from our very own APU volleyball coach, Ralph Rivas (@rivoz), on his trip to Hawaii with the volleyball team. 

@jjdewitt got left by the bus, so she had to bike to work! Great way to squeeze in a workout!

@JessicaLuchtenburg from Jeju, always sharing with us beautiful foreign views as well as the occasional historical lesson on the surrounding area! Thank you Jessica! If you would like to tune into her amazing adventures in Jeju, give her a follow. 

We had a happy as ever @pomonafarmer share the first workout we've ever seen that ended with getting your blood drawn! 

@gokieva and @Paul, @dharmeyer with cute little Hannah the dog, and @Wendymrn reminded us that you don't have to go very far to find a great workout spot. Great local locations!  

One of our favorite recent ongoing series by @christianbrazo, featuring some very scary halloween decor. 

Last but not least- what a beautiful sunrise, shared with us by @srichardsmayo. 

Great work in week #5 everyone! What a fun week, now let's get moving! I will leave you with a PK tip.... 

PK Tip: In the spirit of halloween, we challenge you to get out there and explore what's in your neighborhood, or put those costumes to the test. Post your halloween festivity with your workout and hashtag: #scary with your post! Let's see who has the most spirit! 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay