APU Fall Fitness Challenge- Week #3

Welcome back APU Challengers, 

With another incredible week behind us, we are working our way through Week #4. As you get in better shape as the days and weeks go on, we hope you are feeling more confident in approaching your workouts, and really getting a feel for how much more you are capable of! Show us what you got this week! It can only get bigger and better from here. 

If you haven't started your workouts yet, not to worry- it's never too late to hop on the bandwagon! Now is a perfect time to get started earning those prizes. 


Weekly Prize Winner- Week #3 

Congratulations to Emily Belsey (@EmilyBelsey) on her big win in Week #3! She was drawn out of all of the challengers who completed the challenge this past week to win the Date Night Basket! Complete with dinner to the Cheesecake Factory, movie tickets, and all the needed cheat snacks!

A feature on Emily will be out later this week! So keep your eyes peeled, friends!  

Date Night Basket- Weekly Prize #3 



Week #3 in Review 

We had some very exciting workouts to look through this week, as APU challengers continued to explore new sights and new workouts! Your workouts are so inspiring, and make all of us excited to get out there and explore. Take a look at a few of our favorites from this past week! 


Starting off the week HOT, with a hot wings recipe from @nateingalls. I see a recipe theme brewing amongst Nathan's very original posts! Keep 'em coming! 


Some beautiful California sights from @KentWalkemeyer, @EmilyBelsey (can you spot those deer?!), and @reikobrink to name just a few. 


@debdowning, keeping it real safe with some pretty legit night gear. Take notes, kids. 


We had some great workouts by @dpeck0404, @cwickey, and @mesadeyo shared with friends. Workout buddies are a great way to stay motivated! 


Exercise comes in many shapes and sizes, @MarkSevillanoJr and son get their workouts minutes in with a dance party! 


We saw quite a few beautiful California views this week by @tmsjp, @KarenSingsHi, @srichardsmayo, and @Kfranks! 


And finally, @itslucille working out with APU's very own cheer team! Now that's a high effort workout! 


What a fantastic week it was to be a part of the challenge! We look forward to seeing all of the rest of your workouts from Week #4....let's get after it! 


PK Tip: 

To keep track of your progress for the week, check out the progress bar on the last tab or "dot" of your workout summaries. You will be able to see the days completed and minutes attributed for that day towards the challenge! 


As always, 

Stay fit, 

Bryan Clay