Which Heart Rate Sensor?

We are often asked for our advice on the best heart rate sensor for use with PK Fitness. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple answer to this question as it depends on several factors. Just a few years ago, a chest strap was really the one and only choice for reliable heart rate sensing. Today, many great options exist including a variety of watches, hats, helmets, ear buds and, yes the tried and true, chest strap. 

Be careful when buying a sensor as several companies sell sensors that are only compatible with their software. For example, FitBit sensors only work with the FitBit app and other apps, such as PK Fitness, are not compatible. To be compatible with PK Fitness the sensor needs to be a Bluetooth enabled device. 

To help our community, we have created a HR SENSORS page on our website to list some of the devices that we have found work very well with PK Fitness. These devices all speak Bluetooth and can be used with a variety of app that utilize heart rate. This is by no means an exhaustive list as new heart rate sensor products are coming to market every day. If you find something that is working well for you, let us know about by writing a comment below or send us a note at support@pkfitness.net. We'll be sure to add it to the page. Finally, we are working to be able to provide our community to ability to purchase these products directly from our website. For now, Amazon.com is probably your best source to purchase. 

So, check them out and let know us know what you think. Here are a few that you'll find on our page. 

Ed & Bryan




Mio Alpha 2 - A great general purpose option!







Polar H7 Chest Strap - A great option for track athletes!








Scosche Arm Band - A great option for crossfitters!





LifeBEAM Hat - A great option for runners!




Find a heart rate sensor wearable that you love? Tell us about it!!!