Fit4Fall 5K

Well, we've been super busy the past few months doing our first round of testing of the PK Fitness app. A sincere Thank You to all of our early testers, we continue to be encouraged and inspired by your use and feedback of the app. It's clear you're having fun and we absolutely love being a part it! 

All the way back in November (seems like such a long time ago!), we did our first test of the realtime capabilities. For those of you that don't know, this is a powerful capability of the PK Fitness platform that enables your PK scores, and other workout stats, to be viewed as you workout, all in realtime, and from anywhere in the world! We like to think of this as a Periscope for workouts! 

Our first live test of this capability was at Bryan's annual charity run, the Glendora Fit4Fall 5K. It was super fun to watch as over 100 members of the PK Fitness community users say their scores flashing on the large displays on the finish line as they run the race. Check out some photos from the day's event below!

A special shout-out to our friends at SAP Corporate and the SAP Innovation team in Palo Alto for their generous support in bringing the event to life. If you don't know already, Hana Cloud Platform rocks!

Ed & Bryan