Challenge FAQs


How do I download the PK Fitness app? 

  • iOS
  1. Click App Store button: 
  2. Click download on your iOS device. 


  • Android
  1. Click Google Play button: 
  2. Download on your Android Device

How do I create a PK Fitness account?

1. Open the app, click 'Create Account'. 

2. Sign up with either Facebook or email. 

3. Set both Display name, and Username. 


How do I join a challenge on the PK Fitness app? 

  • Once you have completed your registration for the 2017 APU Summertime Challenge online, you will receive an invitation within 24 hours to join the challenge in the app. The invitation will appear in the notifications tab of your PK Fitness app. 
challengeJoin_p1 (2).png

1. Receive challenge invite in your notifications. Click on notifications.

2. Click on the invitation. 

challengeJoin_p3 (1).png

3. Click on the 'Join Now' button. Voila! You're a part of the challenge!


How do I connect my heart rate monitor to the PK Fitness app?

1) First put your heart rate monitor on, and open the PK app. Click on the 'Start Workout' button in the middle of the screen. 

2) Click on 'Connect a sensor'.

3) Wait for your sensor to appear, then click on your sensor. 


Can I use a different heart rate monitor with the PK Fitness app?  


How do I win prizes in a challenge? 

To win a prize, complete the weekly challenge goals. You can be entered into each weekly prize drawing once, but the grand prize drawing a total of times each week in the challenge was completed. Prize winners for both weekly and grand prizes are randomly selected from those who qualify each week. 


How can I see my challenge progress in the PK Fitness app? 

See progress in real time as you workout. 

See progress for the day, and week on your posted workout. 

See total challenge progress on the 2017 APU Summertime Challenge home page. 


Still have questions?

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