2017 APU Summertime Challenge

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2017 APU Summertime Challenge

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APU wants you to get healthy and fit! So, they're giving you $10 off your registration fee! Instead of our regular $30.00 price, it's now just $20.00 for all APU faculty & staff!

This means you will receive a free $50 heart rate monitor, and eligibility for up to $2,500 of prizes. In total, a $90 value for just $20! The challenge starts June 12th, so register now. 

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This summer, starting June 12th, come connect with the APU community in an exciting new way! The 2017 APU Summertime Challenge is a fun way to get fit, find accountability, and have the opportunity to win over $2,500 in prizes! 

Participants will track their workouts using PK Fitness, an effort-based fitness app that provides a simple way to journal workouts and activity.

Upon registration, participants will receive a free chest strap heart rate monitor ($50 value) to be used with the PK Fitness app to track workouts. 

The goal of the APU Summertime Challenge is to workout 3 days a week, for 30 minutes, at an effort of 50 or above.